Sunday, February 15, 2009

Just another werid but wonderful day...

"Ahhh!" I scream as the huge spiders surround me. I'm not really sure where I am. Just then I see people coming to help me, and together, we fight our ways through the spiders. Sweat trickles off my face, and I quickly wipe it away. Just as a bring up my fist ready to hit another spider, light streams into my eyes. I hear a voice, I know that voice. I couldn't understand who's the voice was, but I knew what it was saying.
"Wake up. You have to take a shower." The voice said.
"Whaaa???" I asked, rubbing my eyes and saw my Dad looking over my bed. I groaned inwardly thinking to myself, what? I fought off those spiders for nothing? It was all a dream? What a waste of time!
Groggily I got out of bed, and rummaged through my clothes and stepped into the hot shower. When I was done, a nice breakfast awaited me at the "Next Door" restaurant. What do I say next? We went to Church (it was Sunday after all) and a guy was there (he was there at the restaurant) who talked about his mission work in Romania. There was a soup thingy in the gym so yum! Soup city here I come!
After I finished my second bowl of soup, Skylagh and my friend teamed up and tried to get me. But after a pretty ugly fight (that I won) we left with only a few teeth marks and open gashes. I'll spare you the details. At 3:30 we went skating with our friend. Then we went back to her house and walked the dog. I wont go through the whole story, but I did leave with two good-sized welts.
We went to Rona, and picked out some colors that we might use to re-paint our bedroom. After a delicious meal of Sloppy Joes I got ready to go to my Grandma's. Well, thats all I can say now. So, bye!

Call of the Storm

I don't really know why I called this Blog "Call of the Storm" but I just figured that it suited my life. Life is a mystery, and you never know whats going to happen. One day you'll find your self laughing with your friends, then the next day you are in a car accident and find yourself in the hospital. Life is full of twists and turns, just like a tornado. You might be having a great time, just like when the sun is out and the birds are singing. Then you find out that you lost someone in your family and you weep over the loss, just like a level five hurricane that wipes out a whole town. You see? All of our lives are like a big storm, you never know whats going to happen. As soon as someone is born, its like someone takes out a big trumpet and blows, Call of the Storm.