Sunday, February 15, 2009

Just another werid but wonderful day...

"Ahhh!" I scream as the huge spiders surround me. I'm not really sure where I am. Just then I see people coming to help me, and together, we fight our ways through the spiders. Sweat trickles off my face, and I quickly wipe it away. Just as a bring up my fist ready to hit another spider, light streams into my eyes. I hear a voice, I know that voice. I couldn't understand who's the voice was, but I knew what it was saying.
"Wake up. You have to take a shower." The voice said.
"Whaaa???" I asked, rubbing my eyes and saw my Dad looking over my bed. I groaned inwardly thinking to myself, what? I fought off those spiders for nothing? It was all a dream? What a waste of time!
Groggily I got out of bed, and rummaged through my clothes and stepped into the hot shower. When I was done, a nice breakfast awaited me at the "Next Door" restaurant. What do I say next? We went to Church (it was Sunday after all) and a guy was there (he was there at the restaurant) who talked about his mission work in Romania. There was a soup thingy in the gym so yum! Soup city here I come!
After I finished my second bowl of soup, Skylagh and my friend teamed up and tried to get me. But after a pretty ugly fight (that I won) we left with only a few teeth marks and open gashes. I'll spare you the details. At 3:30 we went skating with our friend. Then we went back to her house and walked the dog. I wont go through the whole story, but I did leave with two good-sized welts.
We went to Rona, and picked out some colors that we might use to re-paint our bedroom. After a delicious meal of Sloppy Joes I got ready to go to my Grandma's. Well, thats all I can say now. So, bye!

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